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Sunday, December 27, 2009


Ahhhh, a day off, after working my arse off through the Christmas Holiday it's time to start the move towards a healthy 2010 a week early. I've eaten nearly the entire three pound box of cheez-its, and it's time to move on. It would be such a simple pleasure at this point to wake up ONE morning and see the temperature ABOVE zero, but why should we be so lucky. At least I did not spend a small fortune to go ski Colorado this week and FREEZE MY BALLS OFF everyday on crowded, hardpacked slopes. Hence, being pretty much over "the illness" whatever the hell it was, it's time to get down right primal and bust out the Nordic, which by the way, if you need some gear, it sounds like the Bozeman Gear Gods are sending me some new CX gear shortly which means I'll be selling a couple pairs of these reasonably cheap if you are looking to get some Nordic skis. I've been off the program for a couple of seasons, time to get back on it.
Do something about it.


  1. I need some poles bra! I still have the Grossman signature boots by the way.

  2. poles aint for sale, and they are probably too long for ya. I'll see what comes in the goodie box,I do not even know, just getting some new stuff sent......mmmmmmmbrah.