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Monday, May 27, 2013


I am incredibly thankful on Memorial Day 2013 for what sacrifices others have made so we can live as we choose in this country. I'm also thankful for the incredible diversity in my life that luckily brought me to Colorado 30 years ago and somehow led me to this place I am today. I enjoy doing a lot of different things, and my incredible girlfriend Anna is the same way. I was looking at pictures from the past week and realized how lucky we all are. We can do anything we like in the USA, within reason. If we are responsible adults, we can have one hell of a time shooting targets with firearms, or we can go ski, or ride mountain bikes or WHATEVER. We can also own cool dawgs. "Peaches" pictured below is one of four pekingeses which belong to Anna. She recently had double knee surgery and is recovering perfectly. They are fun dogs. My life is much healthier these days, much more going on than 2-4 hour bike rides everyday due to there being nothing else to do....I'm diggin it. Diversity.

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