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Thursday, May 2, 2013

OK, LOOK.......

It still freekin snowing, and it is snowing a shit ton, which is measured by weighing a ton of shit. Today I sold my soul....I read this morning's snow report of the two remaining ski areas open, which are a 15 minute drive apart, and I sold my soul, I went to Loveland, paid $36, and skied what was reported as 17 inches of new snow, on top of 7 yesterday. That's two feet in two days. I did'nt mean to do it, but I did. As I made my way towards the front range, with the pack of four dogs in the vehicle, the plan was to go to Arapahoe Basin, where I ski for free on my pass. But I detoured my plan and drove through the tunnel first to see if the snow report was accurate at Loveland first. Driving over Vail pass the temperature was a crisp 11 degrees. It was just about that cold when I got to Loveland Ski Area, and the snow was very deep, and the decision was made. I would ski at Loveland for the first time in twenty some odd years. It had been so long since I skied at Loveland that there were lifts there that did not exist last time I skied there. The temperature never rose above 21 degrees during the day, and the skiing was nothing short of spectacular. You could throw the word "best" around I suppose, but you hear that shit all the time. I'm just glad I was there on this unusually cold and deep day in May. I posted a comment on the University of Facebook during the day and bummed out a bunch of people who were not on the hill today in ski boots. They voiced their displeasure in the comments section below my post. I'd like most of you to understand something about my life and lifestyle. I'm 55 years old, I have spent the majority of my adult life much as I spent the misspending of my misspent youth, living just above or at what the rest of the world interprets as "poverty level". This is a standard set by people who do not have a very good understanding of what life is truly about.  I do not have a lot of money and a nice big shiny car or big obnoxious house like many of you, with 2.4 kids and a wonderful wife. I made decisions long ago during my life that I was here for a fun time, not a long time. I made this decision after seeing some unfortunate life events when I was young which struck me very personally. I'm glad so many you are so "successful" by societies standards, that is very important to most of you. I will never have gobs of money in a bank account, but what I do have is the memories of a free spirited life and how I have managed to steal as many days away from the world as I could while I was here, healthy, doing things I love to do and sharing those experiences with cool people. The sun rises and the sun sets everyday, and if you do not enjoy the day, you do not get it back, it is a day wasted. I've always asked a simple question to myself and it goes like this, "Larry, do you think a person laying in bed with cancer would rather have a million dollars in the bank on their last day to live or would they rather go skiing or mountain biking in the Rocky Mountains. The answer seems pretty straight forward to me. My spirit plays for those who can't and wish they could, it's that simple. Today was not a wasted day, and I know my videos have become boring and barely watchable by the majority of the world, but they are reminders to myself of a good time and a great day on the mountain...I'll spare you the thousands of turns from Loveland today, but here are a handful of the ridge, face shots included. I hope you did something really fun as well today....
Here is some more from some other Duuuude.

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