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Thursday, May 16, 2013


 It happened, full suspension came back into my life this week and I'm about to hit dirt and go get the suspension dialed in. I work in the winter at Christy Sports which happens to be a Trek dealer. So here it is, the Trek Rumblefish Pro. The bike fits incredibly well out of the box and has many bells and whistles. Maybe too many for this kid. But I'm old and tired of beating myself up on a hardtail carbon race bike all the time, all though the FELT is still an amazing machine. I've shied away from Carbon, I don't race anymore and don't need a light bike. I'll just keep the cheeseburger frenzy at bay and drop a couple of lbs. to accomplish the same goal. If you ask how much this bike weighs then you just don't get it. If you think saving 2 pounds on a bike is going to make you finish 34th instead of 35th in a race, well you are wrong. I want a beast of a trail bike. This is it. It's gonna be sick. I want a ride that feels like I'm sitting on a couch drinking a cold beer. Bam. It's locked and loaded, less a quick trimming of the hydraulic seat post hose. I'm gonna go ride this fucker right now. ATMO shmatmo.

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