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Sunday, May 19, 2013


It went something like this....

On Friday morning, I was driving from Lakewood to Indina Creek to go ride a lap on the Rocky Mountain Endurance series course where I would be announcing the next day. (The riding is out of this world there). I JUST got my new bike and built it up the day before, rode Apex, and woke up to a flat rear tire with no spare tubes. So I decided to swing by the Giant Bicycle Shop on Sante Fe on my way down there and pick up a couple of tubes so I had a spare to ride with. I googles the shop hours on my phone, which told me they were opened at 10am on Friday. Perfect. It was 10:01 when I got to the strip mall the shop is located in and the lights were on as well as a a mechanic working on a bike in a stand which I could see as I walked to the front door. I pulled on the door, it was locked. No big deal, the mechanic saw me, he'll come and open the door and let me in. I stood there for five minutes before I tried the door again. Still locked, still the same mechanic, who saw me again when I yanked on the door. Now I'm thinking, what the fuck asshole? You were supposed to open ten minutes ago and I want to go ride my new bike, dickweed. Almost TEN more minutes go by and I pull on the front door again, this time there are two guys in the shop. About a minute goes by and the new dueche comes to the front door at almost 10:20 and says "how's it going, sorry about the wait". To which I reply..."you guys don't like selling shit or what?" He then explains that he was running a bit late. Fuck you, sell me the tubes and let me out of this customer service shit hole. You are both fired. I'll never set foot in that store again or buy a Giant product, you kind of suck. Dicks.

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