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Monday, March 28, 2016


I did not know much about or follow Antoine Demoitie as a professional cyclist. By all accounts he was very well liked amongst his peers in the pro peloton. Everyone has an opinion on his tragic death, including me. With regards to the moto brigade and bike racing at any level, yes it is a necessity, yes they need to be close to the action for a number of reasons, but it is a big no when it comes to letting their own egos and driving abilities get in the way of what they are trying to cover. It ads another dimension to the sport of cycling that already has it reeling in the wrong direction in the eyes of many. 

According to reports, Demoitie was involved in a crash during the bike racde when he got mixed up with a couple of other riders, pretty normal stuff in pro racing at the top level with so many riders fighting for critical position in the main group. I may be wrong, but it sounds like he was on the ground post crash when he was struck by one of the following motorcycles which caused his fatal injuries. He later died at the hospital of these injuries.

My opinion is just that, an opinion is just that, mine. Not one other person may agree with it. It is tiresome to hear these stories. They are increasing in frequency in the pro cycling ranks. I've been around a lot of bike races. The people who do not race, but are part of the race coverage or officiating, have a tendency to get caught up in the race as if they are in the race. They finally get a chance to jump on their super jacked up testosterone infused motos on side streets and highways and let it rip, at anyone's expense. The egos are often over inflated and caution for the racers are thrown to the wind. Cover the race, but stay out of  the race. If you can't handle your machine with respect for the riders then get out. I'm not impressed by your G-force accelerations to catch up to or pass riders in a bike race. Pay attention. Why in the hell should the racers have to deal with you as well as the rest of the stresses of pro bike racing? 

As far as I'm concerned, the moto driver in this case is responsible for the death of a cyclist. Try telling the judge in any crash situation where another vehicle or pedestrian is hit from BEHIND that it was not the driver's fault who caused the accident from behind, and you will be laughed out of court. If you were driving to fast to avoid another vehicle, or in this case a crashed out cyclist, you are at fault, I do not care what the hell the excuse is. Have some common sense when you are out there following a group of bike racers, be ready for anything to happen because it will. Leave your damned egos at home, you are their to cover the race in some capacity. Stay the fuck out of the racing and at a clear and safe distance and speed. Wake up UCI. Safety for the riders you are there for is your number one concern, that's it.

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