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Wednesday, March 23, 2016


It's funny, kind of, you really have to be careful these days as there are folks out there who will either try to banish you for life or actually threaten to bring legal action against you for the words you type on blogs, even if you post a disclaimer like the one in the upper left hand corner of this blog that states everything I type is basically bullshit and should be taken as such.... I got myself in some heat years ago right here on A2B that I'll probably continue to pay for until I'm dead. Which is not that big a deal in the big picture, or I would not have said those things. Steve Tilford got himself in a little bit of trouble for addressing the same issue Bobke is talking about below. Masters and amateurs who cheat. To be quite honest once again, those who do are plain and simply scumbags. I know two of them. I raced with one. I think he is a fucking douche bag. It's a pitiful story that is not even worth discussion because the riders would deny everything. I'm Frankie and Betsy Andreu in this one, no physical proof, just words vs. words. Dickheads

Bobke hung out with the LOV Bike crew at Cross Vegas a couple of years ago. I doped in that race. I think I drank 3-4 shots of whiskey hand-ups just prior to the barrier run up during the industry race. It helped me a lot.

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