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Thursday, March 10, 2016


This is my blog. It is a rambling random combination of garbage and thoughts that occasionally cross my mind that I find both entertaining and ridiculous.  Since this blog started all those years ago now, I think almost 10, it has covered a lot of crap and good stuff. It is my opinion about much to do with nothing because it is MY BLOG. If you read this blog that is fine, if you do not read this blog that is finer, because for every single person who is in disbelief of some of the words I choose to type, there are dozens, if not thousands who agree with them. But again, this is my blog. If you do not like the words I type here, and would like to leave a comment, then do so, that has always been the case here at A2B. However, if you choose to leave some type of weak rebuttal to my thoughts and leave them as "anonymous", your comments will be deleted. Get some balls, leave your name, your full truthful name, and your comments will be saved. If you post as anonymous that just does not work, Trolls suck. My name is Larry Grossman, what is yours? Sometimes the truth hurts, sometimes it does not, most of the time it's just plain ass funny. I'm not going into long winded explanations of why my opinions are the way they are, nor should I expect you too, just be rest assured that I always have a solid base for my own personal opinions on everything, just like everyone else. To be honest, I think I actually go pretty easy on some of the topics I choose to laugh at or discuss. There is one way to be sure that the words of this blog do not bother you. DON"T READ THE FUCKING THING....Oh wait, I just heard the WAAAAAAmobile outside my door, better go check to see who is driving it.
I will however leave the comment that was a response to my previous post in the comments section as an crappy example of what not to leave in the comment section. Then I will move forward deleting comments that are posted with no identity...unless it is another shitty example of what not to leave in the comments section, then I will leave it. 
If you have a problem with what I think about a crappy bike pump, shitty snow this time of year at lower elevations, or the fact that I love living somewhere that somebody voted to be the best place to live in this country, then please fill out the form above and submit it to someone who gives a crap. thank you.

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