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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It's clear what the power of an entire cycling community coming together can accomplish. The SQUIRT team showed up at the Prairie City Race Series tonight outside of Sacremento and met a ton of shop owners, employees and people who love riding bikes. The race circuit was a scorcher with temps in the 90's and some 400 people pounding the 3.5 mile loop ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It was a BLAST. Every shop in the area is involved, some 12 or so strong and everyone comes and has BIG FUN, including Elgee who was so over heated after lap two that I stopped for water, chatted and jumped back in the race and just had a hell of a good time talkin it up on the last two laps with folks. THANK YOU to Mad Cat Bicycles for getting my rear wheel sorted out, finding me a loaner, tuning my bike, ordering me a new wheel overnight, and returning my bum wheel for me while on the road....OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE. By the way, I finished last, got my ass beat good by some of the boysk I took at Sea Otter

In the meantime, things have gotten tight in the Subie...

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  1. Coolest 24? You made my day. FYI-Good to see the Beach Hut Deli Pace car, as I have know the owner of that place since 84'. We'll get together and have a cocktail next week. Get a bigger car!