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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Mountain Bike Hall of Famer, Mike Kloser
Most of you know by now about Mike's freak crash last week as he returned back down from another great race effort at the Davos Dash in Vail. As usual, Mike was in the mix with the top names in the valley and absolutely still crushes it. Now I'm not about to jump on the "Mike's one of my best buddies" wagon, but I do consider him a good friend, and the guy is just always one of the people we all dig seeing at events and races as he ALWAYS goes out of his way to chat for a second or two and say hey. I can't think of anyone who has done more for Mountain Biking in our world than Mike, he's just one of those "ambassador" type guys who knows how to get things done and does it, not to mention being the greatest adventure racer of all time, period. I've heard from a couple of people how his struggle is coming along, five broken ribs, a collapsed lung, shattered clavicle have him pretty beat down. Do yourself a favor in the coming days, if you know Mike and his family from when or where ever, give him a call and wish him a quick recovery. We spoke briefly today and it's gonna be a few weeks of serious recovery time, but Mike is truly greatful for the support from his sphere and that shit helps, and it helps alot, so do it. He's a hell of a bloke. Let him know.

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  1. Went to a baseball game with Mike and the family last night. He's looking great and didn't even look hurt. What an animal.