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Saturday, July 25, 2009


This guy, Juan Manual Garate, got totally screwed today while winning the penultimate stage of this year's Snore De France. In my personal opinion, the stage pretty much sucked ass as NOTHING really happened back in the proverbial chase pile as expected, HOWEVER, this guy and Tony Martin were putting on a show at the front of the race while Versus and Phil and Paul Sherwin babbled through the lame chase and sit that went on behind the the true story of the day. The cameras SHOULD have been focused on the true champions of the day as they stayed away in the break ALL THE FUCKING WAY up Mount Ventoux. But instead, we were forced to watch Andy Schleckerman attack while Contabore sucked his wheel, and Frank Shleckerman attack while Lance sucked his wheel. Garate got hosed by the coverage while winning one of the most difficult Snore stages of all time, just a shame, I'm glad this debacle is almost over, at least until the doping charges start flying in in a week or two. Most likely from this Fat Head Greg Lemond.


  1. I have actually enjoyed the TDF this year. Maybe it's the HDTV and all the nice views of the Alps etc. Unfortunately, French TV supplies all the feeds to Versus and Paul and Phil have to go with the flow. I do agree on your remarks about Lemond, as his time came and went back when you had a bitchin' fro.

  2. This race was basically over after the TTT. Something about the order of the stages I found took away most of the drama.