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Rudy Project, the exclusive eyewear of A2B

Friday, October 23, 2009


OK, OK....I have finally got the chance to sit down and talk about Rudy Project and their "technically cool" eye wear. Trust me, technically cool does not do this product justice as it is so well thought out in design and function that I'll never consider buying another pair of glasses from another manufacturer, not too mention the 2010 Sterling Helmet. I can't say enough good about Rudy. The plus of not reviewing up to this point is that I have had the chance to use the product a ton. This includes in just about every type of riding condition imaginable. I've got a pair of Rydons (Carbon frame with ImpactX Photochromic red lense) as well as the super sick EXOWIND with Crystal frame and ImpactX Photchromic lenses. These are also RX perf to my perscription, just unreal.
The photochromic feature shown here after covering half the lense with cloth in the sun, the contrast is very measurable, exactly what you want
First of all, these glasses are so damn comfortable I swear I forget I've even got them on, they are super light and they cover my field of vision absolutely perfectly. The nose piece is totally customizable and form fitting to your shnoz, and when you've got a shnoz like mine that is critical. Rudy has also designed their new Sterling helmet to "grab" these glasses if you want to cruise with them off your face for a while. The temples fit right in the perfectly placed air vents (eyewear docks) securing the glasses so there is no worry of them bouncing around.

I was able to wear these clear RX lenses while racing the 24 Hours of Moab at night, they were simply the best glasses period I have ever used while night riding under STRESSFUL conditions. The design of the lense on both the Rydon and the Exowind have been carefully designed to allow for no "turbulance" behind the lense, which is a bonus when you are pegging it at race pace, no dust or dirt swirling back there and no tearing up from air movement, critical as you know. Impact X means these lenses are unbreakable, a nice feature should you happen to whack a stick or inadvertantly face plant in the wrong place. I like my eyes, and so does Rudy Project.

The helmet is Rudy's latest, and I must say they have really stepped it up. Check out the features in the below vid. The helmet is super comfy and is easily adjusted for comfort, also pretty damn light at 240 grams. Rudy says they refuse to sacrifice weight for safety, which I like. After all, I'm not going to be winning the Tour anytime soon, so a few extra grams to protect my noggin are welcome...I guess you could say I really like the Rudy Project stuff, but I'd say I love it.


  1. awesome video review! im with cal poly pomona cycling. id like to have your video on our facebook page since were sponsored by rudy project! would you be willing to email it to me? i can post a link to your blog if youd like. thanks, nicholas

  2. Nicholas;

    Yeah, I can upload it to You Tube and you can just embed from there, get me your e-mail address as well...

  3. awesome! it's