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Monday, January 25, 2010


All photos and videos from CX Mag

Above is the course layout for this year's 2010 Cyclocross Worlds in Tabor, Czech Republic. It's a windy, curvy, technical SOB that absolutely suits Katie Compton from the USA perfectly. We ALL hope KFC can overcome her resurfacing leg cramp mystery by this weekend to compete and throw down a good ol cup of USA woop ass in Tabor. Also look for Katarina Nash and Amy Dumbrowski (USA) to throw it at the front of this race with Nash a possible upset favorite if she has a clean race. Mountain Biking skills will be an advantage in Tabor. The men's race should be interesting indeed with Neil's Albert in form and Sven Nys there and probably most peoples pick to win it all. However, the wild card maybe be World Cup points leader Stybar, who is a Czech rider himself, to be possibly motivated by the home crowd to a victory. USA rider J. Page and National Champion Tim Johnson should mix it up as well and a top ten for either would be huge....follow the live action at CX Magazine online this weekend.
An animated World Championship Tabor Course


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