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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I've been a bit overwhelmed with the entire presidential inauguration thing going on for the past few weeks, to the point where I just could not watch it on the boob tube anymore. As you know, if you follow this CYCLING blog, I've been a supporter of Barack Obama since early on. I'm no left wing liberal by any means, I do enjoy killing stuff that flies with a shotgun and eating it, I also believe in an "eye for an eye". My support was based on one simple fact, the fact that this guy Obama "seemed" like the person that the rest of the world would accept and welcome more than the rest. This coming at a time when one individual's decisions over the past eight years, which were supposedly made I my behalf, have the rest of the world hating America. My support has been mainly due to the fact that a guy named Obama may be able to change some of that, and that I'll be able to travel and go watch the Tour de France or some other classic in the future and not have the local residents of that country whisper under their breathe that myself and my country suck for what they believe in.
So, back to my first point, I woke up excited today, at 5am. I turned on the TV and saw the crowd, and I saw the smiles, and the energy. I saw people believing that as soon as dickhead packed his bags and left the Whitehouse yesterday that a burden had been lifted and that today may end up being a better day. It's a good day today, as most are in my life. Think I'll drive to Boulder, sell some SQUIRT and go for a really long road ride on a day that is supposed to be near 70 degrees down there, you should do the same.


  1. Swing by the house if you need a cold one on your ride today. Livin' the good life between Hygeine and Longmont....

  2. dude! I just got this when I got home....rode right through there, saw a few Blue Sky dudes out on the road...what a day.