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Sunday, January 4, 2009


After 8 stellar days in the great Northwood, A2B has arrived back on the home turf to more snow, not exactly what I was hoping for in Eagle this morning. Driving home in a snowstorm from Denver last night reminded me of how much I HATE winter driving here. The good news, the BEAV got 10 inches of new snow, the bad news, it's 4 FUCKING DEGREES BELOW ZERO IN EAGLE this morning and the snow is piled so high in the streets I'm staying in bed. How is it possible to have more snow on the ground than last year? Well, if you'd like to know, MOVE TO EAGLE , COLORADO. I'm going to say CultCross 2009 is already in jeapordy as we are just 10 weeks away from the START of NEXT cross season, or did it already start with Oskar Blues Cross yesterday which I unfortunately missed?


  1. Welcome back LG. Sorry we missed you up in Lyons as the course was fast and cold, but the folks at Oskar Blues really took care of us. Here is a photo of me riding in my early-80's throwback kit. (shorts & t-shirt, complete with running shoes)
    Yes, this is a very early 80's Stumpjumper that I am riding. Too bad you can't see the kickstand in the photo!

  2. dude, the reflector is priceless...