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Monday, January 12, 2009


The wind load on Gangus was tremendous
As is the case around here these days, with the reality of putting my home on the market and days of doom upon many of us, well kids, the snow refuses to stop flying. This of course means to heck with the rest of the world and it's worries, hell, I'm a bachelor, with an interest in a far away land, damn man, I'm mobile! So here is what I suggest to the rest of you in a similar quagmire, get mobile, blow off work, blow off the rest of your pain in the ass headaches, be that what they may, and head to the ski hill where all is right with the world as the snow just continues to DUMP at Vail. Today, another foot new, with much more on the Lee. Sickness on the back, and when they dropped the line on everything beyond chair 17 at noon, it was a double powder day as most had gone home because of the high winds, which blew in the back like a motha!
Raspy's ruled when the line dropped late in the day.

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