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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My affiliation with SQUIRT lube has led to some interesting opportunities, the latest being some samples of Acid Zapper that came to my mail box from Murray Wilmerding of Team Zap USA. I first suggest you click on the links here to read more about the product. It's basically an Alkalizing agent that helps with managing lactic acid and recovery. It is taken in doses of one tablet per 50lbs. of body weight. I started taking the stuff a couple of days ago anticipating a long ride in Boulder yesterday. Riding conditions were perfect and I rode for three hours at moderate and slow speeds, with just a couple of harder efforts climbing. My first impressions of Acid Zapper are very good, and it's not because Murray hooked me with a sample pack. I never got sore or heavy legs during my first longer effort of the year, tired yeah, but that is to be expected. And today, the next day my legs feel fresh, not sore at all. If you want to give the stuff a try contact Murray at
Their list of sponsored athletes is impressive, names like Jerimiah Bishop, Conrad Stoltz, Wayne Stetina and others. Check em out.