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Monday, November 10, 2008


The end of the World as I know it
What many of you do not know about me is that I actually sell real estate for a living. Now things have been pretty tough as of late, so tough that I have some MAJOR life changes in my near future. Things are rough for alot of people these days, and when you sell real estate, virtually everything you try to accomplish to help people buy and sell homes is out of your control, and the evil forces of life can create brutal circumstance against you while you try to make a living, not to mention the people you are trying to help. With the recent rash of failed contracts that I have worked on for the last year, it appears my time has come like so many others in this "economy in the shitter". Hence, my future is uncertain as I will be forced to sell my home and pursue other means of securing a career, tough stuff at my ripened old age, but not the end of the world as I always seem to make things work out and find my way to the next chapter. I've heard ECO Transit is paying $12/hr to suck farts out of bus seats. Maybe I'll just rent a studio and write? Of course there is always SQUIRT Lube to keep me moving forward, and I plan to keep the SQUIRT force rolling for many years to come. What does this mean for Addicted to Bicycles? (on the eve of 30,000 hits!) Well, it's here, it aint goin no where, so I'll continue to ride, race and blog. Anyone interested in a 2bd/2bth condo in Eagle, at the base of world class mountain and road biking, and only 15-30 minutes from Vail and Beaver Creek, give me a shout out as I'll be putting my place on the market SOON, and turn key, which means you get most of the furniture and crap as well, I'm going to be traveling light in my next life with a pocket full of cash when I sell this place. If you are looking for a good hand to improve your business, well I'm available.
May all your fates be good ones when we truly hit the bottom of this hole, because to be honest with you folks, we are not even close to the bottom yet. I'm actually quite thankful to be single and free of family right now, as if I was not, boy, it would be really ugly on the rough seas ahead...all I can say is hold on tight and hold on long, it's gonna get crazy! Maybe I'll see some of you guys and gals in the bread line! And hell no, I'm not selling my Indy Fab road bike, ever!
And remember folks, it could always be worse, you could be the poor bastard who is going to be forced to marry Sarah Palin's prego daughter after he slipped one past the goalie! Can you say HOCKEY GRANDMA! With lipstick of course.
I'm Elgee with Addicted to Bicycles and I'm out!


  1. A fresh start just means opportunity for cool new experiences! And hey, a smaller place means less cleaning, and therefore more time for riding! Bonne chance!