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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Somewhere about ski run 5 or 6 today with the boysk, I realized I have no desire to make another two plus hour drive to the front range to race CX anymore this season. I mean, it's crazy, we drive 2.5 hours, race for 45 minutes, and then turn around and drive home after watching a couple of other races. I'm done, toast, lambasted. I think it's time to enjoy the rest of this great high country fall weather in the forecast, enjoy some long mountain and road rides, ski some, and then go to KC for Nationals...

By the way, JDUBS flew to North Carolina this weekend with Jonathan Baker to chase UCI CX points and he finished 5th today, the dude has arrived for sure. Jonathan Baker was 3rd.

And then I get this in my e-mail, just when it's almost time to shut down the cycling season.
My gawd, Sea Otter will be here before we know it!


  1. You might want to consider skipping this weekend and coming to the November 30th Red Rocks Velo race - the forecast calls for rain showers and snow for all 4 days leading up to this race - could be the epic cross conditions you would not want to miss.

    Also, CO State championships are December 7th. - gotta pony up and race that one, eh?!?