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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


One thing I learned as a young man from my father was to never quit if you can go on. He suffered from Brain Cancer at the age of 40 when I was only ten and faught hard for the next 29 years of his life, he was mentally tougher than many, and overcame impossible odds for many years. This picture which was sent to me by "Emil" who was at the races this weekend will remain a favorite of mine until death. It was taken about two minutes after the start of the 40+ B race on Thursday after the nasty wreck I was involved in at the start. One thing you can never measure about everyone racing is why they do it. Well, I do it because I can, for those who can not. I do not do it to win a top podium spot, finishing these sufferfests is winning, every racer who lines up is a winner.
Once I gathered myself after crashing and got the bike rideable, realized I could ride, there was no doubt I was going to finish this day. I was overcome with emotion at this point due to my unfortunate circumstance and decided to do what old man Grossman would have done, fight back and fight hard. I was so far off the back of the 99 other riders it turned into an adrenaline charged push, the fans were unreal. I had more fun racing the rest of this race than I can remember in a while. I finished. Thanks for the pic Emil...priceless.


  1. LG,

    If you bring as much enthusiasm and attitude to your riding as you do to your reporting, you'll be fine.

    You have a fan in India.

  2. Awesome...thanks. So killer to connect on the other side of the globe!