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Friday, December 19, 2008

ENOUGH OF ME ONE UPPIN (tough to one up when you finish 46th), HERE'S MORE OF YOU FROM KCCX 2008

this guy had the best lungs at the venue, he never stopped blowing his horn.
The Twin towers, why do these guys look like they just got caught doing something they were not supposed to? I know the face well.
ashley hudson photo

Blue Sky in the KCCX House
I think it is safe to say that the bike washing situation was one of the biggest cluster fucks of the weekend.
chika podge
men's elite podge, who picked Driscoll for the Silver? Not many.
ashley hudson photos
man down...
Andrew from CX mag reporting live on-line from the announcer's booth
Linda Wells hitting the climb on her last lap, top ten in the Country...

Brandon Dwight on his way to defending the 35-39 Title...he rode a very well managed race and kicked it with one to go...

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